A 15 years old girl wins 10 Million tsh to implement her project.


Congratulations  Modesta Joseph, we are very proud of you and happy to be part of your journey. Last month Modesta applied for the Innovation Fund competition by TANZICT & COSTECH with her project (Our cries), and she was among the only 18 people who were shortlisted for interviews out of 137 applicants. And she has won 10 million shillings for her project! congratulations once again.

Modesta is a mentee and product of Apps and Girls, an organization that works to bridge the tech gender gap and empower girls to be digital entrepreneurs and change makers in Tanzania. She has developed a web based system.

Let me share with you her journey of success.

Modesta Joseph is a 15 years old girl studies at Kisutu girls secondary school in Dar es salaam. The first time I met her was in August 2014 when she joined Apps & Girls coding club in her school and she hardly knew how to code or use a computer. It was obvious she wanted to do something for her community, but she did not know what, when and how she was going to do that.

After attending just a few sessions, Modesta created her own website to give a voice to students who are harassed and abused by bus conductors while using public transport in Dar es salaam.

With her idea she entered Apps&Girls Annual competition 2014, and out of 38 participants, Modesta won the 3rd prize.

Today her idea has turned into a live website – www.Our cries.com, which has collected 200 cry reports from students, and got very promising support for her project form SUMATRA. She was also shortlisted by Ashoka – the world’s most prestigious network of social entrepreneurs – to attend an event in Nairobi.

Strengthened by her successes, Modesta is now setting up her own organization to become self-employed. She feels she has found her way to contribute to her community Рthrough technology.  She does not want to get employment! but to create it.

Modesta is not exceptional or special; there are many girls like her who can do this or even bigger than this! Lets join hands and empower more Modestas who will create employment , solve community problems and build an innovative generation that would make Tanzania a better place.

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