Apps and Girls Hackathon and Competition 2014 winners!


Congratulations!!! Apps and Girls Hackathon and Competition 2014 winners!
What an amazing day with amazing girls and 20 great projects. Thinking of investing in a project in Tanzania? Here they are! very passionate young girls from ages 14-16 ready to take their projects to next level.

DSC_7256Winnie Godlove
1 st Prize winner:

Winnie Godlove, 16 years old with her project called “Fanikisha Mama” .
she has created a website (Fanikisha Mama) which creates awareness about Fistula by posting different stories of Fistula victims about their life before and after they got fistula. she also goes ahead and empowers those victims economically by fundraising for their seed money and basic needs for them to get back to their feet and regain their dignity.  Winnie is currently working on registering her project as an NGO and also working on the back-end of her website. She has also established a partnership with the only hospital in Tanzania for fistula patients and  she will be have her first visit to the patients this month-February2015. Support her project and give every fistula victim a better life!

DSC_7204Sheila Juma
2nd Prize Winner:

Sheila Juma & Jackline Musa pitched “All blames on Me“. They were inspired to create All blames on me by a 10 year old street child who has been harassed, double circumcised and forced into marriage at a very young age and whose father wanted to end her life on the day she was born because she was a girl, whom her tribe considered useless. On their website they will always show different female harassments happening , educate the community on the importance of a girl child by featuring successful women and girls also the website includes how a girl should be treated in the society and things that should not be done to females. They believe that God Created Female and Male on purpose, not by MISTAKE! they currently working on partnerships with gender and human rights organizations to help them reach their goal. Join them to end women violence and gender inequality in Tanzania.
We believe in changes but when we corporate , we will change the unchangeable” by Sheila


DSC_7183Modesta Joseph
3rd prize winner:

Modesta Joseph 15 years old. The student’s activist! In Tanzania especially Dar es salaam, students don’t have equal rights to good transport, they are usually harassed, abused by bus (daldala) conductors and if given a chance to the bus they are not allowed to sit! seats are for adults. She has designed a website called “Kilio Chetu” where students will post all their cries ,harassments and experiences while using public transport to her website and social media contacts. all those reported incidences will be forward to SUMATRA (Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority) for further action. she has started a petition to end all these cries , SIGN the petition and end student’s cries!

Modesta is still working on her partnership with SUMATRA and finalizing the back-end of her website, she is also in early stages of legally registering her project.

These three teams really impressed the judges and won seed money worth: 500,000tsh for 1st prize, 300,000tsh for 2nd prize and 200,000tsh for 3rd prize.

All websites presented at the competition were developed by HTML , however all their ideas need interactive webstes so now they are working on the websites databases using Mysql and php to make their sites interactive and secring real data to use . we hope they will be done soon and hosted.