About Us

Apps & Girls is a Tanzanian registered social enterprise that was founded in July, 2013 in our founder’s living room, used borrowed laptops!  what a humble beginning!

Apps & Girls seeks to bridge the tech gender gap by providing quality coding training (web programming, mobile app development game development and robotics) and entrepreneurship skills to girls in secondary schools via coding clubs, and to university level students at academic institutions. Apps and Girls also organizes holiday events such as hackathons,bootcamps, and competitions and provides internships opportunities.

Apps & Girls also provides high class mentorship (from local and international mentors) to girls to create tech startups, connect them with jobs and internships and a 3 year incubation to emerging young female TECH entrepreneurs and use our network to promote their work to customers, partners and potential funding opportunities.

Our vision:To give girls of Africa the skills, tools, self-esteem and competitive edge to become effective
leaders and drivers in their communities while building sustainable information technology based social
enterprises and companies solving community challenges in Africa.

Our Impact: So far we have created 25 coding clubs, 113 coding clubs are in the pipe line from Dodoma, Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam, also we have trained 269 teachers, 2656 girls since 2013 and we are set to train 1 million girls before 2025,  . Currently we have 45 girls in our incubator and 23 have already begun to implement their startups. Four girls have won international and national competitions in New York, Finland, South Africa and Tanzania. Our Protégées are now role models in the community, named fellows and GlobalTeens.

See for example:  Ourcries   MatokeoLive,   AuraTeen    HudumaSmart,    SmartShamba,    VitabuShelf

“Investing in girls to learn coding, will help girls in Africa develop life-changing IT skills and build future careers as successful technology entrepreneurs. Not only will these girls acquire hard skills as budding IT programmers, designers and developers, but they will also gain the self-esteem and confidence needed to pursue a career in technology and, crucially, to bridge Tanzania’s current gender gap in ICT.” Carolyne. E


14484660_10208007669817760_8009539697581431370_nCarolyne developed a passion for computers after being exposed to ICT after her Advanced Level. She holds a BSC in Computer science and MCS in Information Systems. Lecturing at  Kampala International university made her realize how big the gender gap is in ICT. Carolyne believed in empowering girls with ICT skills because she believes in their capacity and innovation power. she is very passionate about social entrepreneurship and helping fellow girls, because of her self drive and passion she in 2013 she run Apps and girls in her living room on her own funds. She has manged to create coding clubs in 21 schools (both public and private) already where her team and her conduct weekly codding trainings.