June 28th Apps & Girls held its first coding workshop for secondary school girls at Buni hub -COSTECH. This was an intensive 1-day web design workshop, that went for 8hours.  In one day of hands-on learning, participants learnt how to code in HTML, design a simple website, understood the fundamentals of html language.  HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation.
We had 100 girls who participated from 3 of the schools where we have created coding clubs (Jangwani Girls secondary school, Kisutu Girls secondary school and Kibasila secondary school), seven girls from Mabinti Tushike Hatamu project of ICT4D @Restless development and other girls from schools we haven’t reached. 50% of the girls arrived before 9:00am the arrival time, i was surprised and excited when i found them already at the venue sitting outside the building. this shows how expectant they are to learn code. :)
It was an amazing day with exciting girls learning to code in HTML.  They were excited and inspired and realized they can do great things through TECH regardless of their age. 90% of the girls requested for monthly workshops/ trainings so as to learn more and we have responded by conducting continuous weekly trainings in their respective schools. Some of the passionate and beautiful young girls didn’t hesitate to write inspiring stories of how this workshop has helped and made them feel:
winnie Godlove Msamba is 15 years old, in form 3 at Kisutu Girls secondary school and she is the chairperson of the computer club and lab management at her school. she is very passionate about Technology and here she speaks:-
“Growing up and see the differences and experience i knew being around computers and discover new things was what i love. Being in secondary school i met girls who had the same passion as me but the problem is we did not know where we could start. It’s the 21st century and technology as taken place worldwide and being among the 21st century girl i love to learn and widen my knowledge and share ideas with other girls..
Attending the HTML workshop was the best thing i ever done. The programs that we learn and the inspiration stories have made me to think that being this young i can do something big, sharing ideas with other girls has given me strength to dream bigger now more than ever. I’m determine to work harder so that one day i could be read like Miss Carolyne Ekyarisiima and other women who weren’t greedy of keeping the knowledge themselves but to share with others. I believe if knowledge of technology is going to reach many girls the country is going to have many great women in the future to build the country like I..
HTML workshop has made me to think what i wasn’t thinking before, as i was thinking that to apply my career has to be given sometime But now i know that i can start just now so when the time comes i will be in stable position and continue what i started now..
written by winnie Godlove Msamba.”

Another amazing story is fromVictoria Saphery Kibona, she is 15 year old, form 2 at Jangwani Girls secondary school and she dreams to become an Accountant however she has great feelings for technology and has a brilliant website idea about “cleanness” :
“My name is Victoria Saphery Kibona. Am fifteen years old am from Jangwani secondary school in form two .My dream is to be an accountant, Attending at the Apps and Girls HTML workshop make me happy and it help me to know how to make a website, learn about code and many things about computer and website making. When i attend at this workshop i also got skills which i will use to make my own website. I plan it will be about CLEANNESS it will include all things which are in relation with cleanness and our environment. I love all of you guys who sat together to form this program may God bless and help them too. If there is another chance about this program we will be there at Jangwan secondary.”
Apps & Girls    works everyday to bridge the gender gap in ICT and give all girls  in Tanzania the opportunity to improve their lives through ICT. So far we have created 8 coding clubs in 8 schools and we are working towards our goal 20 schools this year.
Many thanks goes to our sponsors, TIGO and Reach for Change for supporting our organization and making  us reach where we are. More thanks goes to TANZAICT and Buni hub for their support and sponsoring lunch,snaks and space  and everyone who supported us to make the workshop a succeess,all volunteers, teachers, trainer and everybody who borrowed us laptops @IBEN NELSON-Globalplatform, @Pelisia-ICT4D-Restless development, @Joselin, @Amina, @Michael, @latiffa, @Smith-KIU @Jumanne-buni, thank you so much for supporting us and helping to reach more girls.