Our 2015 Ambassador share her experience @Apps & Girls


Winnie Godlove Msamba was Apps & Girls first Ambasador, 2015. Winnie Godlove is a 18 years old, she is a student at the African Leadership Academy (ALA) and a founder of FanikishaMama which address fistula issues by raising awareness in the community about obstetric fistula and crowd fund for the victims(women) for their economic start over. Winnie was the first ambassador for the Apps and Girls organization in 2015-2016 and now serve as a mentee in the organization. She won an award from Reach for Change Africa for the best startup idea project in 2015 and got to prepare seminar for 300 young teen in the youth international day 2016 and talk about Fistula and sexual health. Winnie was named one of the Global teen Leaders of 2017 by the We are Family Foundation which help to mentor youth to achieve their goals and She is a 2017 Bezos Scholars . Winnie’s dream is to see youth in Africa take chances and pursue their dreams and carrier in Leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology and work to improve the living condition in Africa. She believes that it takes one person to inspire a million to make a change.

Tell us a bit about your experience with Apps & Girls and why it has been valuable to you.

When I joined secondary school in 2012, most of the time my schedule was just studying and helping home chores. I have always wished to do something that will help and have an impact to people, because I liked computers I joined a computer club in my school but the experience was the same. As we were always learning about Microsoft and to me I found it useful but I needed more. When Apps and Girls came to my school I was happy knowing that there is a place where I can be with other girls who have the same as me and learn together. At Apps and Girls I made friends and family, I grow into becoming confident and opinionated, I have also learn from other girls like Modesta Joseph who is one of the most influential girl I know. I am happy knowing that she learned things from me but I am more than happy to know the things which she taught me without realizing it. The biggest lesson that she taught me was that in reaching a mile stone goal, a single step matters. As long as you are working and pushing hard achieving the smallest thing is something than nothing at all. Spending most of my weekends with girls who are so passionate and commitment on things they do has made me to be strong and to hold the character that I have today, for that I can say I am now because of them.

What is the most important thing that you have learned in the Incubator and why?

In the incubator despite of learning from the girls who were there with me, I learned to never stop trying. I came out from the mindset of “if it doesn’t work leave and build new things” to “if it doesn’t work try another method”. One of the things which kept me motivated was knowing that success comes out at the least expected time so I had to keep on trying. To not stop trying to me meant to use wisdom in every small thing that I was trying and that is one thing which has contributed in my growth.

How has the Incubator helped you to launch your social enterprise/ Business?

Living in an environment where everyone is working hard made to work even harder because I knew that if I won’t do it, no one would do it for me. I was motivated by girls who were working hard every day into reaching to their full potential. Always when I was working I was remanding myself that if I work into my full potential I will reach my goals easily. I got the help that I needed from Madam Carolyne and Sir Wilhelm whenever I had questions to ask. The pitching practices that we did frequently made me to get constructive feedback from other girls which made me to come up with better solutions.

How has Apps and Girls help you in your academic performance, give examples if available.

Apps and Girls made me to meet and talk with girls from different schools and because of that I had this huge responsibility in myself to be an inspirational to youth in my academics and social life. That is one of the biggest reasons which motivated me to study hard so that other students to know that you can become a social entrepreneur while you are still study and you can also do well at school. In my form four national examination I was motivated because I wanted to inspire youths to do things which can help the community but also to do well in their academics. And thanks God I made my form four results to be well and I got to be enrolled to one of best schools in Africa for young leaders African Leadership Academy.

Would you recommend us to a fellow teen? If yes why???

I would definitely recommend girls to join Apps and Girls because I know being challenged by other girls into becoming a better version of oneself is the best thing to do into finding ones potential. Apps and Girls is a place which prepares teens to face the strong with determinations. A lot of my friends are asking me what I have done to reach where I am and they get surprised when I tell them it started at Apps and Girls.

Do you think having gone through Apps and Girls (has) contributed to your achievements and decisions you make today for your future career? If yes please explain.

It is because of the failures that had when I was at Apps and Girls which made me stronger. It was a place where it was ok to fail and to try again. It is because of that I discover myself and what I can do, something we as humans needs a push into discovering ourselves and for me that push was from Apps and Girls. From being the first ambassador of Aps and Girls to becoming a founder of a social enterprise into becoming an ALA (African Leadership Academy) student, it has been an incredible journey which I owe it to the Foundation.

In less than 25 words “what would u say about Apps and Girls”?

“Few of the girls who got a chance to be impacted by Apps and Girls will make a massive difference in Africa”