Our Star mentee -Modesta @The three dot dash summit 2017


Global Teen Leader.

Earlier this year I was among the 30 teen leaders selected as Global Teen Leaders creating change in their respective communities to participate in the JUST SUMMIT organized by The Three Dot Dash.

The Three dot dash is under WE ARE FAMILY FOUNDATION which powers the most influential social entrepreneurs between the ages of 13 -19, who have found a solution or innovation to address a basic human need.

Three dot dash was inspired by the late critically acclaimed poet and peacemaker, 13 year-old Mattie J.T. Stepanek. in his new York times best seller, “just peace: a message of hope,” Mattie said: Peace is possible when your basic human needs are met. Therefore each year they conduct a Just Peace summit which gathers thirty global teen leaders around the world who are doing amazing projects which address the life challenges in our communities and promote peace.

I Learned a lot from the just peacmodee summit. Well , the summit was concentrated on our WHYS’. >Why we do WHAT we do> Why US > Why NOW. The combinations of all these made our Stories, Our Stories on how we promote peace. The summit helped us to better Our projects, to learn from each other and get inspirations from new people who tell their stories in very unique ways and I was able to be paired with my new mentor for a year.

This summit has made life-long changes to me through Mattie’s message of peace and hope. It made me realize that I have a purpose and for that purpose or without it..I DO MATTER. When I got to hear Mattie’s message of peace , I came to know who I really are and what my purpose is. For that I will not only keep on doing what I do but also do more and make sure that my society and the people around me live in a better condition.  -Narrated by Modesta Joseph

        About Modesta

Modesta is a young activists, with a strong self drive and determination to change Tanzania and use technology to end students’ harassments and abuses in Tanzanians. She is a very innovative and smart girl with a strong passion for technology and entrepreneurship. At the age of 15 she coded her website www.ourcries.org that works to end student harassments and abuses students experience while using public transit, now the website has more than 300 users and reports and has partnered with the government agency in charge of surface and marine transport SUMATRA to act on the reported cases.

Because of her strong determination and focused passion to make a change in the community she joined Apps and girls in 2014 at our coding club in her school. By then she barely couldn’t use a computer nor did she know how she would achieve her dream of making change in her community.  With coding , entrepreneurship and presentation skills she gained in our program, lead her to win TANZICT Innovation fund worth $5000 for her venture Ourcries. She also won a competition to attend SLUSH2015 in Finland, represented Tanzania at First Global Robotics Competion 2017 and won a scholarship to study at ALA south Africa.