HTML Girls Workshop 2014


HTML Girls Workshop
Apps and Girls is preparing its first HTML workshop for girls of ages 10-18. HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation. This will be an intensive 1-day web design workshop, going for 8hours.  In one day of hands-on learning, participants will cover html basics/ fundamentals , best practices for beginning Web designers and a great inspiration story. By the end of this workshop girls will gain the skills to develop their own websites, meet fellow girls from different schools who share the same passion for Technology and inspirational story from a successful TECH woman – Ms. Dorah Ndazi a first class graduate and tutorial assistant at Kampala International University. Lunch, drinks and mid-morning snacks will be provided free. No prior Web experience /surfing (other than basic ‘computer knowledge”) is required.  There will be 10 volunteers available to facilitate/ attend to participants in need of help.

Theme: Build your own website in a DAY!


  • What is a website and web?
  • How can I develop the skills to become a web designer?
  • Writing HTML (coding)
  • Basic HTML tags and attributes needed to write a web page


  • Inspire and motivate girls to code or get involved in ICT
  • Give Girls foundation web design skills and understanding of web technologies


By the end of this workshop, successful participants will be able to:

  • Build a simple html website
  • Code in HTML
  • Understand the fundamentals of html language
  • Understand the web technology
  • Get inspired and motivated to get involved in ICT
  • Have Great network

Workshop Length, Proposed Date and venue

  • Proposed length of the workshop: 8 hours
  • Proposed date: June 28 Saturday
  • Venue: Buni hub (COSTECH) -Kijitonyama

Target Audience:

  • An estimate of 100 Girls of ages 10-18 years old.