Zainab the code diva shares her experienceZainab the code diva shares her experience

Zainab Omary is one of our best coders at Apps and Girls. Since she joined us from Jangwani secondary school, she has developed a keen interest in coding. She has won several prizes including the best coder at Apps and Girls and others she participated while at school related to STEM. Hear her story below.

My brief experience at Apps and Girls

  • Since I joined Apps and Girls back in 2014, I have been exposed to the world of opportunities and interacted with creative and talented people from different places. I have got to meet remarkable young girls who are change makers to their community – young girls like Modesta, Winnie and others. I felt happy to join a team of girls who make things happen.
  • I learned a lot from Apps and Girls, and I’m still learning, actually. Our mentors teach us, among other things, coding, entrepreneurship and pitching. I actually got more intimate with coding that I was even awarded the best coder among the mentees at Apps & Girls.

My first project and other projects I developed thereafter

  • After having mastered coding, I coded my way to my first project called MaoniBox which is basically an online platform that enables customers to send their comments concerning products and services of different companies at any time and place. MaoniBox makes it easy for companies and organizations to assess the quality of their services and make improvements.
  • From there I went on with other several projects at school and at Apps and Girls which relates with my involvement with STEM. For example, right now I am working on a project called TummySmile – a project whose purpose is giving education to pregnant women and mothers about baby development. This education will involve giving a special package packed with maternal equipment pregnant woman are required to carry with at hospital on delivery time.

My favorite and most important exposure I gained at Apps and Girls

  • This year, I was delighted to participated with my fellow mentees at First Global Challenge in Mexico. It was the second time we represented our country in these challenges. Our mentors, Madam Carolyne and madam Mkufo guided us in assembling and programming a robot that we presented at FGC 2018. The process of building a bot was very intricate but interesting – we had to arrange and rearrange parts of our bot until we saw it perfect to take it to Mexico for the challenge. It was a thrilling experience to meet young people from all over the world who uses STEM to solve community problems. We were all excited to represent Tanzania to the world of technology. I personally enjoyed every bit of it, the competitions have an Olympics taste.
  • This year’s robotic challenge was energy impact, so we created a robot that could lift, for example solar panels to a specific place, say a village to bring energy impact. Team Tanzania allied with other two nations to compete with another alliance of three nations in a game pitch where we played the robots to complete tasks of carrying solar panels. At the end team Tanzania ranked 91 out of 161 countries. Last year we ranked 109 out of 163 countries, so apparently, we are moving up.

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