I love playing with computers, says our mentee Julieth Sewava

Her experience in Apps & Girls and why it has been valuable to her

Since I was in primary school, I loved playing with computers, I used to play games, draw and create short stories using Microsoft word. When I reached secondary school, I chose computer studies as an optional subject, here I got to learn more about computers but the knowledge was still not enough to help me bring a change to the society. Then Apps & Girls came to our school as a club and I fell in love with them the moment they started explaining what the club was all about. I was intrigued by inspirational speeches from role models like Winnie Msamba, Modesta Joseph and Asha Abbas as tech-preneurs who have made changes in the community. At Apps & Girls I made new friends and a family, I became more confident and an opportunist. This organization is very valuable to me because it has helped me realize who I am as well as my capabilities.

How did our incubation help Juliet launch her social enterprise/business and what did she like most in the incubation?

While being in the incubator I was able come up with two start up projects. A solo one that goes by the name E-pharma and a group project called FoodHub. Apps and Girls provided me and my fellows the necessary assistance as in technical consultancy as well being as able to generate a tangible business model which can be pitched to investors.

Achievements and opportunities for Juliet

At Apps and Girls I was able to be among the members of Team Tanzania in the “First Global Robotics competition” in 2018, moreover my fellow team mates and I were able to get the” Best Innovative Project” award in the Girls Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, we became Second Runner ups at Diamond Challenge Competition and was awarded $150 whilst pitching FoodHub. Lastly but not least, through Apps and Girls I was able to get training at dLab Tanzania on Financial inclusion and participation on a competition and was eventually awarded $750.

How can she describe Apps and Girls to a fellow girl?

Apps and Girls is an organization, but to me I call it a family that empower girls through technology. It does so by providing coding and entrepreneurship skills to young girls in secondary schools through weekly coding clubs. It also provides mentorship to girls throughout their journey of becoming tech enthusiasts.

What she says about Apps & Girls in one sentence

Through Apps & Girls, girls will make a great revolution and run the world.”  

The workplace of the future relies on educated citizens who are comfortable with computers