Aslatu Nguku is a 23 yrs old living in Tanga. After beginning her first year of university where she studied bachelor degree of education with mathematics and information technology she had to drop because of financial problems. She then engaged in different activities such as domestic work, tutoring and running a small shoe business to earn a living before joining Jovia.

“When I started training at Jovia I had no idea that by the end of the program I will have a working project that solves a social issue using technology. I learned a lot of IT skills, especially different coding languages like PHP, CSS, java, c++, and HTML. I become a website designer by using WordPress and using HTML and CSS languages. Through this knowledge I have been able to come up with my project by the name Mamahealth” – Aslatu

But what is MamaHealth?

“Mamahealth is a social enterprise with a mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Tanzania by providing lifesaving health information to pregnant women and mothers based on age/stage of pregnancy using mobile technology. We also provide low-cost clean birth kits to pregnant women in rural areas with all the essential equipment required for childbirth to ensure clean, safe, and hygienic delivery. Together we want to improve the healthcare experience of pregnant women and their families and these are not just principles for our product but they are a reflection of who we are as people.



  • Secured a loan of $300 to scale her business
  • Sold 15 birth-kits to pregnant women
  • Provided a message service between doctors to more than 200 pregnant women so far
  • Trained and mentored 30 secondary school girls during the GES2019 preparations.
  • Employed by Apps and Girls as an Admin for the new Jovia program in Zanzibar supported by the US Embassy in Dar es salaam.
  • recruited 3 volunteers to add to her team
  • generated $215 income in the first year