Meet Happiness Njowoka founder at FreshGenge

Happiness Njowoka is a 22 yrs old living in Dar es salaam. Her education Journey ended after completing her secondary level because of financial difficulties. Before joining the Jovia program, she was selling second-hand clothes in the streets. and had basic knowledge of operating a computer which included typing, playing games and getting on social media.

I never knew that one day I would able to use a computer for more useful purposes like creating websites by using different languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP, i am also thrilled to have entrepreneurship training that has enabled me to start my own tech-startup project called FRESHGENGE.” – Njowoka

Freshgenge ( is a digital platform that sells a wide range of fresh vegetables, sourced from farms and markets in Dar es salaam and other regions across Tanzania, directly to customers. Freshgenge customers can order fresh vegetables through our website, and our team provides clean, hygienic packaging and reliable delivery services at an affordable price.


  • Secured a loan of $500 to scale her business
  • Owns a vegetable farm that supplies produce for her customers
  • Completed a Certificate in IT at Nlab Innovation Academy.
  • Works with more than 25 customers daily
  • Employs 3 people.