A letter from our ambassador, Necta Richard

Greetings, it is my pleasure to write this as an ambassador for Apps and Girls. I’ve been an ambassador to this wonderful organization for three years. The organization’s mission has empowered me with computer skills and entrepreneurship skills that I now use to inspire other young girls interested in the tech field. I am happy to consider myself as a young woman with digital skills that I learned while being a mentee at Apps and Girls.

For the three years I spent with this organization which is almost my entire Secondary education, I was able to pick up very important trainings and skills that are meaningful to me – which were not provided in school but still vital for our future careers. The ambassadorship has introduced me to various opportunities and recognitions both national and international. Early in 2018, I was awarded Malkia wa Nguvu, an appreciation award given by Clouds FM media for girls and women who show great contributions in their community. I have also had an honor to give a speech about child marriage in the presence of Hon Ummy Mwalimu, the minister of health, gender and children.

Finally, all these awards and recognitions I have is the product of apps and girls. It all started here. My journey to social recognition and receiving different awards started when I made a decision to join Apps and Girls. I acknowledge the impacted this organization has on me and to other girls it is reaching in the society every year. Girls from different parts of the country are asking for such training and mentorship which means we need more Apps and Girls out there. We have impacted a lot of girls during this year and we have a duty to reach more in 2019.