What Are Coding Clubs

In Coding Clubs we conduct weekly coding sessions for girls in secondary schools across Tanzania to help them develop their own projects and succeed in their careers creating a network of young female digital enthusiasts, innovators and champions  driving change in their respective communities.


Tech-Entrepreneurship training to nurture students’ exceptional talents and skills, students are guided on how to use their coding skills gained in the coding sessions to create solutions for real-world problems in their communities.


Mentorship sessions prove necessary coaching and assistance for students to implement their own ideas from ideation to prototyping and concretely start their own enterprises.


Selected ideas from the students are incubated for several months and during this incubation period, the students are provided with the necessary tools, networks, materials, and resources to ensure the sustainability of their projects.

Our Goal

Empowering secondary school girls with the skills, tools, self-esteem, and competitive edge to become effective leaders and drive change in their communities using technology by creating an accessible learning space for students to create innovations both offline and online.


Girls Projects

Browse some of the work created by our girls during our hands-on Coding Clubs sessions in schools.

Starting a Coding Club at your school

Any teacher can set up and run a Coding Club, whether they are familiar with coding or completely new to it — because they will learn alongside their students. Our free projects take the work out of session planning, and no special equipment is needed.

Girl Summit

Schools with computer infrastructure adopt the Tech-preneurship curriculum (Coding, innovation, and entrepreneurship + Design thinking) and at the end of the year, they pitch or exhibit their tech-driven businesses or innovations during the Girls Summit.