Jovia 2019 Profiles

Tuliana Frank Mwasaga, born 26th August 1995 in Mbeya. Am the first born in our family and I have two siblings. My father is an Uber driver and my mother had passed away years ago. I completed my primary education in 2008 where, due to low grades, I could not be able to continue with secondary education. In 2013, I got pregnant where it
almost killed my dream to continue with studies. In 2016, I tried to get back to school by doing Qualifying Tests (QT) where I graduated secondary education in 2017. Then she joined the College of Business Education (CBE) but unfortunately, dropped out due to my father’s inability to pay school fees. To keep up with the street life, I took a cooking job at a restaurant to get money to sustain my needs. But cooking is not my future plans. I want to be a successful tech entrepreneur since I now has a growing interest in IT skills. She also wants to help children who need education but cannot afford school
fees like her.


My name is SHARIFA RASHIDI Mbehewa. I’m twenty years old. I live at Mbagala with my parents. My mother is a housewife and my father is very old to work. I’m a fourth born in my family. I completed my ordinary secondary education in 2015 but unfortunately, I didn’t pass to proceed with an advanced level. After finishing form four I stayed at home and I was just selling fresh juice while working as a motivator
in family planning education to youth. I aspire to help girls on reproductive health education in order to avoid early pregnancy so they can attain their future.

I am ASTERIA ASTERY (23) born and raised by a single motherin Songea. I now lives in Dar es Salaam with my relatives. I am the first born in a family of
four. After my mother’s death in 2017, I was forced to rely on her father’s help who had
always been distant during since my childhood. I completed Advanced secondary education in 2016 and joined national service (JKT) where she served for nine months. In 2017, I wanted to join university studies but there was no one in the family to support me with school fees. Therefore, I stayed at home attending home chores. I like reading and writing articles. My dream is to become a gynecologist, public speaker, and tech entrepreneur.


My name is Mwajuma Suleiman. I’m the firstborn in our family. I’m 21 years old and married. My husband and I live in Tandika, Temeke. We have a one-year-old daughter called Asha. She is very happy all the time and polite. I love her and my husband because they are always there when I need them. I did not get enough grades to continue with high school, as a result, I had to get married. I don’t want to be a housewife. I want to support my husband to raise the family and to do so I need skills that can help get a job or employ myself. My husband is very supportive but we do not have enough money to buy learning materials and to pay for me to learn more advanced skills like computer skills. I want to be a programmer.

I am Geraldina Fred Munseri and i’m the first born out of five children in my family. I
am talented in drawing, acting and I am a good book reader. After my high school,
I couldn’t continue with my University studies because my scores unfortunately
weren’t good to help me get enrolled to medical school. I have tried to look for scholarships but couldn’t make it because my parents couldn’t afford to pay my fees as our financial situation was very bad. I have experience working and volunteering in different institutions such as the Goethe institute, Sickle cell youth Foundation and Coconut Foundation. I am aspiring to becoming a changemaker using technology to solve community problems.


My name is Lutigela Andrea Mwinuka, am 18 years-old with a dream to become a programmer. My parents are farmers in Njombe region where I was born. I
completed my ordinary secondary education in 2017 but i didn’t get good grades to continue with high school. My step sister invite me to Dar es Salaam with a promise that I will be given a chance to study. But instead, I have worked as a house maid and after my employer shifted to another region i went back to my step sister and since the I stayed at home tending to home chores. I am girl who dreams of a better world.

My name is Zainab Abdulrahman Waziri, I come from Zanzibar where my parents live but currently, I live at my relatives in Tandika, Dar es Salaam. I like swimming and acting. When I finished my form four education, I got division four that couldn’t send me to advanced level. My dream is to become an IT specialist especially in web developing and mobile applications.


My name is ASLATU NGUKU, I am 23 years old. My parents engage in small business and small farming activities in Lushoto -Tanga. I am the first child in a family of four
children. I graduated high school in 2016 at Arusha Girls High School and passed to join university studies. At university, I took a Bachelor Degree of Education with Mathematics and Information Technology. But unfortunately, I dropped out in the first year of study because I couldn’t afford paying school fees. After dropping out I got
employed as a domestic worker but I stopped working because I was paid a low salary and sometimes not paid at all. Then I started a small business of selling shoes and teaching students after school  ours and get paid by their parents. I want to use technology to help young people in education especially those from underprivileged

I’m happiness Kazi, a Tanzanian aged 22 years old. I was born and raised in Mwanza region. We are three children in our family and am the last born. I attended primary school at Lake English medium primary school in 2010. I went on with my secondary education at Montessori Maria secondary and completed in 2014. We have been living with our mom since our dad passed away in February 2016. I didn’t continue my further studies because my mom could no longer afford to pay my school fee. I’m glad to Jovia program I intend to become a tech entrepreneur. My mom does small farming and animal keeping at home


My name is Florence William, I am a last born in a family of three children. I am 22 years-old. I grew up with my mom because my father passed away when I was two years old. I did not pass to continue with high school due to low grades. I have been engaging in community works for a long time now. I Am a founder of Florence Street Children Foundation – where I try to find children who need help and find them people who are willing to help. I am an activist and a young entrepreneur.

My name is Munira Ally,23 years old. I have been raised in a religious family I have fear of the Lord in me. I am living with both parents in Dar es Salaam. I am the last born out of two children. My form four results did not come out well because I was facing a
difficult time during exams. So, I went to join college where I got my certificate. However, I ended up there and could no longer continue further with because my parents had no good relationship which resulted in their separation. This caused our lives to be miserable because we were only depending on our mother and she could not
take us to school. The situation made me stay at home for a very long time, doing nothing. My vision is to have an organization which will help women to solve the problems they encounter.


My name is Juliana John Martin. I live at Kitunda in Dar es Salaam. I was born in 1998,
I’m a first born in a family of two daughters, I live with my mom and my young sister. My
future plan is to be a successful entrepreneur.

My name is Veronica Mwakalinga, I’m 17 years old. I was born in Mbeya and raised in Dar-es-salaam. I’m the only child in my family, and all my parents are dead. I started my secondary school at WHITE LAKE SECONDARY SCHOOL and then I kept shifting to
several schools until I dropped following my guardian’s financial situation. They could no longer afford to pay for my school fees and therefore I stayed at home. My dream of becoming a doctor was shattered like that. From I want to be a programmer.


My name is HAPPINESS GEDION NJOWOKA from Songea but now I live in Dar es
Salaam. I am 21 years old. We are three children in my family and I am the last born. After finishing my secondary education, there was my family did not have money to help me pursue further education. I have many dreams but I need specific skills to attain those dreams. One of my dreams is to use the IT skills I am getting to become a successful entrepreneur.

My name is MWANAISHA HAMISI and I’m twenty years old. My parents are farmers in Dodoma. After completing my ordinary level education, I took a Certificate in Records, Archive and Information Management. I want to be able to use the benefits of technology to create technology-based startups.


My name is Diana Amiri Msoma (20), I come from Morogoro. I am the last born in a family of two daughters. My parents engage in small farming activities in Morogoro. I
have studied up to form four. Having being exposed to technology, I aspires to become a

My name is Zukra Amini Buethi from Kagera. My education level is ordinary secondary education. my father passed away in 2001 and since then I have been depending on my mother who does small business activities.I want to become an entrepreneur using IT skills using the skills am getting in the program.


My name is Neema Mustapha Issa, I come from Kigoma and I live in Dar-es-salaam. I am nineteen years old. When I graduated my secondary education with division four,
my father refused me to continue with further studies. My father has two families and he has provide for my mother because she is of different religion. I am a first born to both my mother and to my father. I have two siblings on my mother’s side. My mother is a housewife and always struggle to make income. I had a dream to work as a health practitioner especially being a doctor. I want to use the knowledge of Information Technology to create tech driven businesses.

My name is Groliane Michael Ntikwiza. I have been living with my aunty since the age
of four who basically pays for my living expenses. My mother is a housewife engaging in selling food (Mama ntilie) and she always struggle to make the ends meet. My father is a teacher but a drunkard and does not care much of us but I love him nevertheless.
I love my mother dearly because even if she does not have much, she still contributes a lot in my life. She taught me the most important life skill and that is patience. I have had my ups and downs with my aunt ever since I started to live with her. She is what we call a bipolar person. Sometimes she’s on your side sometimes she’s not. I have finished high school in 2018 and passed with fine colors. I wished to continue pursuing my bachelor degree in law. I was able to be selected at Mzumbe university, but unfortunately I couldn’t go because of lack of funds. I was heartbroken and I still want to accomplish my goals in life. That is why, when I got enrolled into the advance IT program, I embraced the opportunity with open arms because I knew it would help me get important IT skills to help my family out of poverty, and later pay for my own education to pursue my dreams.


My Full name is Salma Abdi Naim. I’m 24 years old. I was born in Magomen Zanzibar. I live at Fuoni Zanzibar but now I live at my relatives in Dar es Salaam for studying. I finished my high school studies in 2016. I’m an artist of makeup and henna. My hobbies are drawing and designing. I like programming and I am doing very well with it. I dream of becoming programmer and a tech entrepreneur.

My name is SOPHIA KIZENGA. I’m 21 years old. My parents engage in small business
activities in Kilimanjaro. I completed my form four education in 2015 and I could not pass well. My parents have not been able to afford putting me into college since then. I want to be a programmer and an entrepreneur through technology.


I am Lucy Mgumba (23). I was born and raised in Iringa. I attended my secondary education in Iringa and attained my certificate in Business administration at Tumaini University in Iringa. My family’s economic status is very poor and I was depending on my brother to pay for my school fees but he also faced financial problems and he wasn’t able to support me. I kept looking for opportunities until I got enrolled into the advanced IT program at Apps and Girls. I believe this program will give me skills to compete in the job market and finally help my family.

My name is Dorothea Masawe and I am 24 years old. I live with my parents I Dar es salaam. My education is form four. I want to be an entrepreneur and use technology
to create solutions such as to provide education to the community, especially rural about the importance of vaccination for children under the age of five


I am Magreth Nindie from Iringa. I am 20 years old and I currently live with relatives in
Dar es salaam. My mother engages in farming activities back in the village. My education level is form four. I didn’t get enough grades to make me continue with further studies. I like technology and I want to become a web developer.

My name is Theresia Deus Maliyatabu, I was born in dar es salaam in 1994. In 2001 I was starting my primary school in maendeleo primary school, after I went mbagala secondary school for my ordinary level education from 2008 up to 2011. After my secondary education I went to art school where I learned various artistic skills such as painting and drawing. I want to become a painter and use digital platforms to inspires young artists to follow their dreams.


I am Zakia Abdul (19). I live with my mother because she was separated from my father
before I was born. My mother engages in small business activities. I ended up in form
four and my grades were not suitable to be enrolled in competitive public colleges. My mother is not financially able to send me to private colleges. I like programming and I hope to develop a career in in programming.

I Zakia Mohamed Mrisho 20 years old girl passionate with social work and community
development. Iam the first born of Four. Finished my high school education at Kibasila high school in 2018. Due to different circumstances I got no chance to go to university. As an enthusiast in social work, I would like to use my tech skills to create a platform where girls could get mentorship program where that platform could have different people of different careers who will be helping girls to achieve their dreams and girls will be visited by their mentors to see how far the project is successful.


I am Queen Johnbosco Mtega, born and raised in Dar es salaam. I am a tech enthusiast
and tech entrepreneur. I have my own startup called FundiPopot(
I teach kids how to code to leverage my passion for technology. My dream is to become a
successful changemaker using technology to drive changes in my

I am Norah Patric, I live with mother and I am 19 years old. I graduated my high school education in 2018. I only live with my mother because my father died. My mother is just a
housewife and there was nothing much she could provide for me to apply for university. I want to be an entrepreneur to support my mother and myself.


My name is Loveness Henry and I am 20 years old. I live with my mother in Dar es salaam who engages in small business activities. My education level is form four and my final exam results were not so good. Since I enrolled in the program am aspiring to be
a programmer.

My name is Odilia Maro. In my family, we are two children raised by a single mother. My father has another family so he has little care for me. His job is driving. I did not continue with school because my father was reluctant to pay for my school fees. My mother sells
magazines and has mobile money shops. What I really want to be at this time is being among the biggest business women in my country..


My name is FATMA KOMBO FAKI, I’m from Zanzibar but now live in Dar-es-salaam with relatives. I am 20 years old and a fifth born in a family of six children. My parents have no job. My father is very old and my mother is a housewife. I finished my secondary school education in 2017 where I didn’t score the grade which could take me to advance level. because of my family’s poor economic status, I was not able to afford any training or further studies. I had worked as a housemaid for one year to compensate a debt my parent owed to a certain family. In short, our family depends on the support of relatives and friends. currently, my sister helps me with my needs but she is also financially unstable since she is still at college. I want to become a web developer and a graphic designer to make my family’s life better.

My name is Aisha Kaimu from Dar es Salaam. I finished my secondary education in 2018.
My parents engage in small business activities. Through the Jovia program, I want to use the knowledge of IT to be able to create solutions for my community.


My name is Angekile A. Eliah, I am 20 years old. I am the first born at the family of four. I completed my education. I completed my ordinary level education in 2016 and couldn’t continue further with high school due to low performance and poor economic situation at my family.

I am Francisca and I am 20 years old. I am the fourth born in a family of four daughters. I have 4 sisters. My mother engages in small businesses and my father in a driver. As I was about to complete my diploma, things started to happen in my family.My father got a car accident and my mother spent all the money she had for his treatment. I started to experience hard time because my mother couldn’t afford to send me the money for my basic need as she did before so I decided to find night shift job so that I could get money for my expenses. I got a job but it was not good because the manager wanted to have sex with me. II decided to quit and ask help from my relatives but I got challenge too because even my brother wanted the same thing the manager wanted. My dream is to be
able to run my own business and I would like to help girls like me who like to study but they don’t have support from their parents.