Learn more about the Jovia Program, one of our out-of-school programs for Advanced IT training

Earlier this year, we recruited a group of 35 girls and young women from different regions in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar for an intensive Advanced IT training and Entrepreneurship skills training program. We named this program JOVIA. To get students into the program, we ran a public call to application where we got many applicants who were later called on for an interview. From the interview, 35 qualifying young women got enrolled in the program and started learning.


Jovia is a program by App and Girls (fully funded by SAIS – South Africa Innovation Support) for girls and young women who are socially and economically disadvantaged such that they dropped out of school or could not afford higher education level. The program aims to provide these underprivileged young women with the opportunity to access advanced IT and entrepreneurship training and the support ecosystem they need to successfully obtain formal employment, notably in ICT-related fields or develop and launch IT-based startups of their own

Objectives of the Jovia Program

With this program, we aim to promote women’s socio-economic empowerment through women’s tech-based entrepreneurship and participation in the formal employment sector, notably in ICT-related employment, initially in Tanzania.

Specific objectives include among others:

  • To enable underprivileged young women in Tanzania to benefit from high quality IT and entrepreneurship skills training that will boost their employability
  • To implement a digital incubator to facilitate women (social) entrepreneurs’ access to crucial resources to launch and grow their tech-based startups
  • Mentorship, access to potential partners, funders, including crowdfunding services, and capacity-building support, and access to potential customers.

What is taught under the program

Jovia students are being exposed to various IT skills, Entrepreneurship skills as well as soft soft skills such as

  • Web Development
  • Mobile applications
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Communication skills

The launching

The Jovia program was officially launched on the celebration of the International Women’s Day along with the TECH IS FEMALE movement where Jovia students participated by exhibiting websites they created for women entrepreneurs. By spending just a few weeks in the program, the girls were able to create professional websites for women entrepreneurs who needed to increase their digital visibility through launching their businesses online.