The Apps and Girls Mentorship ProgramApps and Girls empower girls and young women to create the world they want to live in using technology. Our overarching objective is to invest in girls and young women as potential tech entrepreneurs, tech creators, tech role models, and leaders, in Tanzania and across Sub-Saharan Africa. Mentoring and incubation are some of the programs we provide to help support aspiring women and tech- entrepreneurs.
We define a mentor as a person who provides the tools, guidance, support, and feedback that are needed to thrive in a career/project/life in general. We expect mentors to be able to guide, advise, coach, and advocate throughout the entire process of mentorship.

A CALL FOR MENTORSWe are looking for mentors who are passionate and willing to help in the mentoring and incubation of Apps and Girls students. Mentors with expertise and a possible degree / qualification in sectors such as Technology, Finance, Business, Health, and Marketing, as well as talents such as;

  • Commitment to deliver 1 to 4 hours of mentorship every week
  • A genuine desire to work with a child or adolescent.
  • The ability to provide candid, direct feedback.
  • The ability to perceive opportunities and solutions.
  • A desire to share your knowledge.
  • Empathy and Reflective Listening
  • Expertise or knowledge that is relevant.
  • A desire to put money into others.
  • Excellent communication abilities.
  • Young people should be respected.
  • A respectful demeanor.
  • The ability to listen actively.
  • Flexibility.
  • Empathy.


  • Experience working with kids aged 12 and above
  • Degree/ Diploma graduate in the above-mentioned highlighted fields
  • Experience in creating Tech products such as Apps. Robots, Websites etc.
  • Experience in Problem solving and design thinking
  • Experience in Business planning and Management
  • Leadership skills and experience


If you believe in your skills and experience and would like a chance to showcase and improve your skills, our Mentorship program is the right place for you!