Meet Happiness Njowoka founder at FreshGenge

Happiness Njowoka is a 22 yrs old living in Dar es salaam. Her education Journey ended after completing her secondary level because of financial difficulties. Before joining the Jovia program, she was selling second-hand clothes in the streets. and had basic knowledge of operating a computer which included typing, playing games and getting on social


Aslatu Nguku is a 23 yrs old living in Tanga. After beginning her first year of university where she studied bachelor degree of education with mathematics and information technology she had to drop because of financial problems. She then engaged in different activities such as domestic work, tutoring and running a small shoe business to

Our mentee wins 2019 MAKISATU Innovation Challenge for Secondary Schools

Maleo Stanley (17) who is our mentee,

Meet Lisa Michael, a young woman in STEM

With our mentorship and incubation, Lisa was able to structure her business idea, SmartShamba, and make it into reality.She has got opportunity to connect…

I love playing with computers, says our mentee Julieth Sewava

I used to play games, draw and create short stories using Microsoft word.

Zainab the code diva shares her experience

Zainab Omary is one of our best coders at Apps and Girls. Since she joined us, she has developed a keen interest in coding has won several prizes

Vanessa talks about her experience with Apps and Girls

She is very fond of our programs and has developed into an innovative and creative young woman.

Our former ambassador, Winnie Godlove Msamba —From a School Club to Crossing Borders

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That’s how Winnie Godlove….