Our Startups


By Modesta Joseph

Our Voices Against Harassment (OVAH) is an organization with the vision to end harassment in Tanzania. We provide tools and mediums for children and youths to speak up about the harassment they experience to receive the necessary help, support, and justice. We also raise awareness about these harassment to build better communities.

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By Balbina Gullam

Huduma Smart is a social-oriented platform that aims to create decent employment opportunities for domestic workers. With the right blend of technology and people management, we intend to revolutionize this unorganized industry. We work on the latest technology to create an easy user interface for our clients and at the same time, our team works to spread awareness and education on domestic labor laws and rights among the domestic workers. We ensure that pre-placement induction and training is provided to the workers so that they fit the lifestyle and mannerism of our clients.

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By Queen Mtega

Have you ever thought of fixing a faulty item and suddenly had a fear of finding a perfect fixer that can fix your item in a perfect way and who is trustworthy?   We can all agree on how much it is a hard task to find a fixer who can fix you item in a way of your satisfactory, with quality, affordable price and accuracy.

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By Salma Abdi.

Is a digital platform where by tourists and people of Zanzibar community can be able to meet a professional henna artist in order to simplify the struggle and provide them with perfect services according to their standard and fair costs.

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By Aslatu Nguku.

is a social enterprise with a mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Tanzania by providing lifesaving health information to pregnant women and Mother’s based on age/stage of pregnancy using mobile technology. We also provide low-cost clean birth kits to pregnant women in rural areas with all the essential equipment required for childbirth to ensure clean, safe and hygienic delivery.

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Shule Express

By Esther Chavula

Tanzanian transportation company providing affordable, convenient, and safety transportation service to students. It currently operates within Dar es salaam covering three routes from Gongo La Mboto /Buza /Mbagala to City Centre Kariakoo/Upanga /Posta and more routes can be added up on demand.

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By Meyness  Edwin, Sandra  Hashim and Batouly Abbas.

Zero UTI provides a web-based and an SMS platform to raise awareness to students about the disease called UTI. According to the research we conducted in 5 public schools in Dar es salaam, we found out that girls are the most affected group by UTI disease due to limited, dirty and very poor latrines, lack of access to clean water while at school, and personal hygiene education. Therefore, Zero UTI, also collects data concerning the number of toilets in schools and analyses them to deliver to key stakeholders of personal hygiene and critical situations of water and sanitation in schools.  This may help the schools to get support for more toilets , water stations, and toiletries donations.

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Girls Dropout Cure

By Zahra Juma, Domitrida Joram and Faith Victor

a web-based platform that gives an opportunity for people to speak up  and report different cases or issues that affect girls in their respective communities. The system also creates a direct connection with various stakeholders, key players that provide financial and social welfare services to marginalized girls and the community leaders to take action against the reported cases of incidence facing girls.

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By Magdalena Mhelezi

My Dignity provides a web-based and SMS platform that gives tips and information to parents on how to communicate and initiate a conversation on Sexual Reproductive Health. My Dignity also provides Sexual Reproductive Health Education directly to girls adolescents through the same platforms.

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