Jovia Startups


Nithamini a project done by Tuliana Frank. We provide education of sexual violence on how to prevent and how to talk with children in friendly way in order to make them feel comfortable. Through SMS technology and website by linking teachers to reporting sexual abuse to students as well as assisting victims of sexual abuse


ZayDecorations a project done by Zainabu Waziri. Is a web platform which links together the decorators and their customers, so that the customers can get the services they demand according to the budget they have. 


VitafunwaPackage a project done by Zukrah Buethi. Is a web platform which deals with selling of snacks and training of girls who have failed to continue with their studies by teaching them how to prepare package and sell.


Kiddohealth project done by Norah Maaguo. Is a social enterprise which deals with solving the problem of malnutrition in children under 5 years of age in Tanzania. The technological solution to this problem is creating a website in which will be providing meal plans to parents and guardians and also an SMS system which will


Msusionline project done by Neema Mustapha. It provides services of hair dressing to university students wherever they are, whenever they request the services.


Shamba Direct project done by Juliana John. Is a system which connects traders and farmer direct through application without through a middle man (agent).This system will enable the trader to get the produce directly from the farmers through and It will help the trader to avoid higher costs.


Budget Mkononi project done by Munira Ally. It provides suitable finance education to students on how to plan, budget and save money. We envision a generation of youths who are responsible and aware of financing.


Nitumesokoni project done by Zakia Abdul. Is a project that deals with running market errands to families, people who do not have the time to accomplish them. We provide quick, quality and affordable services to your door.


GrettaMind project done by Geraldine Munseri. It aims at supporting young people with mental health issues by providing them a web-based platform where they can easily get access to the mental health experts and therapists for further assistance at their own convenient time Thus, addressing the mental health challenge and championing sustainable development goal number 3

Smart beseni

Smart beseni project done by Agripina Ng’ande. Is a platform which deals with provision of affordable laundry services to university students, homes and offices. We empower women from low economic background by giving them employment.

Mwanzo Maridadi

Mwanzo Maridadi project done by Loveness Henry. Is a platform deals with selling of different fruits in bulk to different places such as hotels, shops, homes etc for aim of promoting good health to the people and save some of the health problems.

Sabha Henna Art

Sabha Henna Art a project done by Salma Abdi. Is a digital platform where by tourists and people of Zanzibar community can be able to meet a professional henna artist in order to simplify the struggle and provide them with perfect services according to their standard and fair costs.


Freshgenge a project by Happiness Njowoka. Is a platform which deals with selling different types of vegetables providing education on how to consume and maintain a well-balanced diet.

Mama Health

Mama Health a project done by Aslatu Nguku. is a social enterprise with a mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Tanzania by providing lifesaving health information to pregnant women and Mother’s based on age/stage of pregnancy using mobile technology. We also provide low-cost clean birth kits to pregnant women in rural areas with

Summit Startups


My Dignity a project done by Magdalena Mhelezi. My Dignity provides a web-based and SMS platform that gives tips and information to parents on how to communicate and initiate a conversation on Sexual Reproductive Health. My Dignity also provides Sexual Reproductive Health Education directly to girls adolescents through the same platforms.


ZERO UTI a project done by Meyness  Edwin, Sandra  Hashim and Batouly Abbas. Zero UTI provides a web-based and an SMS platform to raise awareness to students about the disease called UTI. According to the research we conducted in 5 public schools in Dar es salaam, we found out that girls are the most affected group


ePharma a project done by Julieth Sewava. Is a website and a mobile app that promotes good health and well-being to all individuals as it enables medicine users to scan the bar-code available on the labels of medicines so as to ensure their validity before consumption.

Gas Detection

Gas Detection a project done by Vanessa Kwayu. Is a device which will be used to detect gas leakage and calculating the amount of gas remaining in the gas tank. This will help to prevent fire outbreaks, ensure people and property safety.


KiongoziHub a project done by Vanessa Kwayu. Is a platform which deals with providing leadership skills to secondary school’s students to prepare them to be assertive leaders of their generation.


EasyDoc a project done by Gerladine Gerald, Itale Francis. Is a platform which aids to provide easy access to healthcare Services includes booking appointments, map of nearest medical centers, and provides information and instructions on how to use testing & treatment home kits.


Girls Dropout Cure a project done by Zahra Juma, Domitrida Joram and Faith Victor. ) is a web-based platform that gives an opportunity for people to speak up  and report different cases or issues that affect girls in their respective communities. The system also creates a direct connection with various stakeholders, key players that provide

Shamba Market

Shamba Market is an online platform that connects farmers and buyers to help farmers sell their crops directly to buyers eliminating the middlemen. A project is by Munirah Omary Said, Sabrina Sultan Omary, Hazra Rashid Athuman from Tandika Secondary School


Skulbus is a mobile application that can help students in government school to gate easy transport to go home and school. It is a project by Jacquline Constantine, Rehema Alexander  and Irene Richard from NDALALA SECONDARY SCHOOL

Expiry Block

Mobile app/system that detect the expire date of products on their lebals/code number of products.It is a project by Suzan marawa,Grace Kavumo & Irene mbelwa from Mbagala sec school.